WBAAFC Keswick Conference 2014

(an uberlate entry that summarizes our WBAAFC Keswick Conference 2014 experience. Here’s my behind the event POV)

5months ago, my Amay was invited to speak  for the YPs at WBAAFC Keswick Conference 2014. After fervent prayer, he gladly accepted the invitation coz he wanted to speak to the young people at a conference where he accepted the Lord and committed his life to Him last 30 years ago in Bukidnon. He was overjoyed at the privilege given to him. He prepared for it, even costing countless sleepless nights, research here, read there and countless hours sitting at his study table.

December 21, 2014 came and he knew God had readied his heart to preach for God’s message (first out of 5) and here he is polishing it.


First Session. Below, we prayed with the Speaker praising God for our safety and for His grace, guidance and wisdom for the whole duration of the conference.


Below. We were seated at the back coz nahuya kmi mag pa.una. hehe Reunited with Ma’am Mia, Adin en Agot. Soo missed them!



Sessions. By faith plus nothing equals salvation.


Let Jesus be the anchor of your life.


Please help us pray for the YPs who committed their souls to God for full time Ministry. May the commitment they made that night stayed in their hearts for God’s usability.

10888476_10203639909144992_8120194102473942090_n 10429246_10203639920025264_4741711304778653075_n

What amazed us in this Keswick Conference was the format – Camp-ferencing! There are Basketball and Volleyball Tournaments and lots of parlor games enjoyed by the YPs and even by the Speaker and Pastors.

  10868127_10203557901614855_9058674301631865074_n 10868259_10203557954576179_4387706008907049905_n10712954_10203557950016065_7267834027586025871_n10341465_10203551295689711_7554834767530590329_n

Speaker’s Family Groufie


Hahaha! My most unexpected part of the conference was when the Host called the Speaker’s Family to the stage with him to be given by a love gift too. Perti amon kahuya ni Sister pero we absolutely are happy and overjoyed to receive it. Thank you!


My Malong. Thank you WBAAFC Committee!


Much thanks to Ptr. Rene Balintongog (Wao FBC), the Host Pastor, Ptr. Mario Aguire, WBAAFC Director and other Pastors and Workers I can’t name further, for their warm welcome and for being good to us the whole conference time. Salamat man sa pag.invite sa amon Amay, kag kabay na bless gd kmo sa mga mensahe sang Ginoo. Especially thank you to the YPs who spared their time to attend the WBAAFC Keswick Conference. I’ll be praying for you all! God bless! 🙂



Why I enjoyed the #BenGenWedn

Spoiler!! This blog post is the longest here at Twoditas! Hahaha. #BenGenWedn

Last March 2014 I was approached by my dear classmate Nang Gen and asked me to make her wedding invitation. I got so excited and prepared for it. I already had my experience in making invitations thus I warmly accepted her plea. We became so busy the next week buying the materials coz I had to finish it by 1st week of April. Makapoy pero nasadyahan ako mag ubra, biskan nag dungan sa amon Thesis Defense and Finals.

Amo sini ka gamo ang akon ulubrahan…C360_2014-03-29-22-13-28-745

Biskan diin lang my gamit. hehe..C360_2014-03-29-22-13-33-357

C360_2014-03-29-22-13-57-315C360_2014-03-29-22-13-06-976Lining up some of the finished covers. VC360_2014-03-29-22-13-16-097

And presenting my very beautiful friends who helped me with my ulubrahon. hehe.. Thank you friends! Kagwapa gd ya sa inyo ah. hehe

Edz!!! C360_2014-03-29-22-12-55-204

and Ninette…C360_2014-03-29-22-13-41-428

And Joey!! Hehe.. to be represented by a bouquet of flowerettes. hahaha Open-mouthed smileC360_2014-03-29-22-14-06-112Bw 3 weeks ko natapos ang 80 kabilog! Salamat sa Ginoo sa pasensya. hehe Open-mouthed smile …and adventure… (even went to Alimodian for the printing of the invi texts.)

Fast forward…

Tan… tan… ta… ran… Sa kasal. haha.. Uh uhm… Ano akon part man?! Hahaha. Wedding Coordinator!!! Hahaha. I found it really funny to be one… wala ko lang na sapak una ang akon part.. not until on the wedding itself. Pero na mangkot2 man ko kun ano ang gna ubra sang WC. Oh thank you Lord sa experience. Sya n gali ang naga check sang every bit of  the little details on the wedding – pins of the veil Thumbs up, matches and candles Thumbs up, kneeling pillow Thumbs up, front table Thumbs up, whole program Thumbs up, corsages for everyone Thumbs up, bouquets Thumbs up, and many itsybitsy more!! Wohoo!!

I super enjoyed gd yah!! First time ko mag attend wedding nga more akon gna ubra.. wew. pero… SADYA!!! Smile Thanks Nang Gen!! Knami gli sang bouquet mo.. haha

Ay,. btw.. speaking of bouquet, thanks for the surprise Nang. Another first naman ni. hehe..

At midnight before the wedding, gn clear ko na ang mga na bilin ko nga ulubrahon – making flower balls for the bride’s maids – sang sapwan namon ang duha ka balde nga mga bulak. And speaking of the bulaks – WALA PA GLI BOUQUET AND LITTLE BRIDE, BRIDAL CAR, MAID OF HONOUR AND BRIDE!!! Hahahaha.. Basi na overlook ko lang, pero wala na sang bugtaw nga kabalo mag ubra bouquet, so no choice kaysa wala sila bouquet pag ka aga. hehe. I did tried my best sa pag ubra biskan wala gd ko ga commit sa isa ka ubra nga wala ko na preparahan.. pero natapos ko man ang apat ka bouquet.. sa bugay sang Ginoo. hehe.

>>>> Bridal Car flower piece. I just mixed yellow and white ‘mansanillas’ (not sure sa name Sad smile) with lilies for an elegant go!IMG_4148106_0022

>>>> Uhmm.. Nami no???!!! Sabat HUO!! Pilitay na ni ya. Presenting the Bride with her bouquet and me with the Maid of Honour’s One!! Hahaha..

Manang wanted an allwhite bouquet but I added black lace flowerettes around it para ma neutralize and color and magstand out man sya sa white gown n Manang. Unfortunately, nag ka la hulog ang mga ribbonettes ky siguro indi hugot akon pag butang. hehe.. (Sorry, tuyo na siguro. hehe)

As with the Maid of Honour, yellow kuno nga bulak ang ibutang, pero nagpapansin gd ya ang red ek ek (forgot the name of the red one), so gn butang ko man. Bw!! Pag kakita ko sang bayo n Miss Lynn, didto ko na relate nga mayo lang gn butangan ko red, atleast wala nag camouflage sa iya yellow nga bayo. hehe. Well, atleast I trusted my instincts. heheIMG_4790

Am so sorry, nabilin ang iya ka little bride nga bouquet sa balay sang bride. Ahay. hehe

Presenting to you the stage design by the Bride’s Auntie –> Tita Venus (Well, fc fc dn pag my time.. nkikiTita.. hehe)>>>>

The stage went all out na sa motiff sang kasal – red, yellow and black. Unusual para sa kasal ang black nga motiff, pro for me, la man lang na problema ah… self expression man lang na ya.. hahaha

Ang aisle kun diin ang bride kag iya entourage naglakat asta sa designated seats nila..106_0098

Oh how I also love their setup – church + reception!! Wew. No dead air, no waste of time sa pag transfer halin church to reception. And no wonder nga mo ni nga kasal ang ‘no boring moments.’ hahaha.. tanan nga time na utilize gd.

Now.. presenting the seats and table arrangement. The caterer was just so good. pero daw may d lang ko namian sa isa sa mga tawo nila. hehe.. buringot sa peak hours nila!! hahaha.. whatever!! observation ko lang. pero all in all, okay naman sila. hehe >>>>> 

Special mention ang mga prenup photos ni Rapoy as the pieces sa gift station. Well done Rap!! >>>>106_0125

Wow! Grandest cake ever! hehe.. as in gd yah nga nag blend well sya sa background.

Epic Giveaways!! Aaaah.. cute2 gd ya. hehe.. for inquiries sa giveaways call (033) 5248061.


The happenings on the stage during the ceremony with Ptr. Ernelito Ajito and Ptr Sandy Villases officiating…!!106_0090

After the Veil and Cord Ceremony.. >>>>IMG_4496

The Ring Ceremony.. >>>>>IMG_4465

(Permission to Post) RATED SPG: The MOST MEMORABLE PART OF ALL EK EK!! The KISS!! The 10second KISS!!! WAAAAAAAAA!! Kakililig!! HAHAHAHAHA.IMG_4524


Okay.. Tapos ko na present ang mga important details sang kasal. haha.. Mga kinuging ko naman Open-mouthed smile

Ahahaha. gn himo background ang reception. Well… bahala ka.. intsindiha lang. hahaIMG_4794

Oooops.. ri kmi gli hu. haha. mga tga ISAT!! SmileIMG_4660IMG_4806

Okay.. back to the crayzee post of me… >>>>

Me with Manang Gen!! The dazzling, blooming, pretty, beautiful huo na!! tanan na gn hambal ko na!!… HAPPIEST BRIDE!! Hehehe. Thank you for letting me took part sa isa sa pina ka sadya mo nga adlaw Manang!! SmileIMG_4789IMG_4790

Am just so happy too!! HahahaIMG_4788

Oh, sin o maka dare photobomb sa Newly Wed abeeer?! DEFINITELY ME!! ONLY!! HahahaIMG_4797

Indi magbalikid nang. Huya ko. hahaIMG_4799

Peace Manang!! HahahaIMG_4798

Moments sa stage!! hehe.. ky kun ga ubra ka sa behind the scene, after the ceremony or event ka lang gd mka moment sa stage!! hehe.


“Makaon ta gd ka!! Hulat lang!! So for now, ma ritual ko anay. hehe” – Me to the LetchongBaboy!! HahahaIMG_4777

WAAHH!! @2pm, finally, naka kaon na!! hehe


Kaya mo na wel!! HahahaIMG_4813

After Lunch!! Photographers + Video Incharge + the Wedding Coordinator!! Hahaha. (Lubos2 ko na ang pag gamit sang Wedding Coordinator nga address!! Hahaha.. Talagsa man lang ni Smile)IMG_4854IMG_4853

Extras!! Extras!! Hehehe

Anong nangyayari sa likod mo Wel?! HahahaIMG_4167

Meet the Gown photog slash Stylist/s!! HahahaIMG_4129


Moment with the Letchon!!IMG_4780

Pahuway huway ta gamay!! Haha. with brader Cyra!

Ahh!! Kmusta ang bib mo sa likod wel?! Hahaha. PEACE Disappointed smile

Oh!! Salamat gd liwat Manang!! Wew! Such a memorable experience gd yah!! hehehe. God bless you and Manong as you start your new life together!! Smile #BenGenWedn


Oooops. Before I totally end this post, Indi n gali akon mga kuha nga pics!! Thank you sa pag pahulam sini mga Brad Noel, Phil and Cy!! Hehe Open-mouthed smile Kabay mag lawig kmo dire sa earth. hahaha