Throwback: #OJTJokes

FuuunyScene sa MIS ka ISAT

Ay. Ay. Ay. Lemme blog about my own observation about things and scenes happening here in MIS/EDP Department of my beloved school where I’m currently having my OJT. ’twas every time there is an incoming first year applicant (IFY), I can’t help my self but laugh or sometimes burst into a ‘harakhak’ to some of their innocent mistakes: be it on the infos on the application forms or their gestures. But let me ask for your forgiveness if I found you or your gestures funny – please be not offended. HAHAHA

#FuuunyScene 1

Loud *Knock* *Knock* on the door. Wait for a minute. Loud *Knock* *Knock* on the door again. Heard whispering outside, “Way man tawo day.” -“Panuktok b liwat.” I would stand and have my way to the door and suddenly they would open it. Speak about #LateGuts. Ay maan. Haha.. Relate!

#FuuunyScene 2

Course Preferences (Select from List of Course Offered):

1st Preference: BS Mathematics

2nd Preference: BSED Major in Mathematics

3rd Preference: MA Mathematics

Notice the infos on the 3rd preference. Hahahaha.. That’s what you call #TingbanayKurso. Hahaha.. D man obvious nga favorite nya ang math. IFYs, please be informed that you only are allowed to take Bachelors Degree Courses, or sa simple nga pag describe, ang mga kurso lang nga ga umpisa sa mga ‘BS2’ mo lang na dapat sa inyo. Hahaha. d pwede laktaw. (Not unless, kun accelerated kw. lol)


two years in the making. hahahaa miss this moment!


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