#NiceMindanao2016 #Part1

This trip is a planned surprise to our grandmas en grandpa in Mindanao, and an another surprise to the sissie, the amay en iloy, that this really pushed through amidst all constraints. We prayed that we can visit the oldies because tis been a couple year when we last saw them, and twill be a good feeling when we can personally see them. But we decided to go just a day before the departure. Bisan bayo wala kmi ka prepare. But because we prayed for this, so we went.

Basically i only brought 5 shirts, 5 shorts, 1 jacket, 1 pants and a skirt because we packed 4hrs before going at 8pm and because we wanted to travel light, coz you know, wala si amay nga ma bitbit kag wala man kmi inugbayad sa porter (LOL). After i fetched the sissie at her school at 9pm, she immediately packed her belongings and at 11pm we checked in at Iloilo Port. Sans dinner, we find our way to the terminal awaiting some surprises inside.

The whole port system is a mess. Passengers who came early had the privilege to sleep on the chairs – 3chairs each, also benefiting their bags a seat. So the late comers either enjoy standing or sit on the cold floors. We preferred the cold floor because the ferry will arrive at 3 am and its way too long to wait. So together we sat on the floor and rested our bags too, opened our dinner and wait for the ferry’s beep.

At exactly 3am, MV St. Therese of Child Jesus ferry departed Iloilo Port and its an eerie start of a voyage because of a low pressure. The waves are huge and unfortunately our designated beds are the top of a double deck – doubling the nausea. Di gid ya comportable mag sagi lakat kay da matumba ka sa ka balod. But its an enjoyable ride because of the many firsts the sissie and i is experiencing – *firstym to go to Mindanao together sans the parents *first over the sea travel together *firstym to budget our own money (and given that in travelling you should be ready for the unexpected expenses) *firstym to pack our bags this light (LOL!!) and *firstym to travel this far with limited balon nga food.

One of the things we agreed upon is to buy limited food pre-departure because we noticed on our past vacations nga indi man namon maubos sa byahe ang mga balon namon, gadugang lang sa bilitbiton. So in every stops we browse the stores for food that we like in that moment and should be consumed immediately. But I made sure i have enough of my coffee throughout our trip. Budlay na. Hahaha So heres some of our #terminalfoods: cup noodles and the free lunch the ferry is serving – rice + lumpiang shanghai in tomato sauce + strawberry crinkles.

Despite the apology of the ferry’s personnel that a possible delay of arrival at CDO Port, we arrived at 4:15pm, 45mins before the estimated 5pm arrival. I took a few shots of the port, at the ferry’s POV. Medyo gloomy gihapon ang CDO pag abot namon, pareho sang pag halin namon sa Iloilo.

The instruction of the experienced a.k.a. the parents “pag panaog sa barko, sakay dayon sa jeep pa Agura Terminal kag mag sakay Super 5 nga bus pa Malaybalay City (our first stop for this vacation.)” So we faithfully followed the instructions to avoid commotion back home.

So heres us bound to Malaybalay City aboard Super5 bus nga Super man ang aircon + ulan. Sa Iloilo mag ulan, kiber ang tugnaw, sa Mindanao ya, wala pa ulan, tugnaw na.


A funny thing happened the moment we arrived at Malaybalay. The instruction was “Ate, a. hambalan mo ang conductor, ‘atbang Bethel Hospital’ kamo manaog. b. itext mo kuno kay Mama mo Bebing ang bus number kay bantayan kamo nila. c. i update nyo kami sang mga ginaagyan nyo”  So again, we faithfully followed all of those. But when we are gettin nearer, a text came from the tiya, that they are already in Sumpong. We have no idea what it is and where it is. She added, that instead of Bethel Hospital, we will get off the bus in Sumpong. We take no deal on the last instruction.

At 8pm, we confirmed that we are already at the heart of Malaybalay City, we became busy looking for landmarks that will lead us to Bethel Hospital. Mabudlay magtalang kay 1. indi kmi cebuano speaker 2. we don’t know the place 3. gaulan. Then the bus stopped at a certain bus stop, we thought that its only a normal bus stop, when suddenly a commotion is happening below. Its between the conductor and a woman, their conversation is inaudible.

Again, we take no deal on it but when someone shouted “NICE! GAY PALANAOG NA KAMO DA!” Nagla-aw kmi, we were like “Huh? may ano?! (avoiding getting paranoid of the news about mindanao, the terorism and all)” Ang iban pasahero nag balalikid kag nag tilindog gazing at us! Dungan singgit ni Gay, “Si Mama Bebing!” Dungan burakwit sang dala niya kag nana-og. Leaving me in my seat. In split second, i processed the whole thing, swallowed the rest of the ampao on my mouth, grabbed my bags and walked out while avoiding the confused gazed of the rest of the passenger. The other managed a smile while others laughed.

Pag abot sa dalom, ara na ang tiya kag ang pakaisa, ga bira bira kadlaw sa natabo. Makon mo gin sugat gd kmi iya sa babaw bus!

I therefore realized that Sumpong is a street in Malaybalay City. They decided to fetch us there because of the rain. Twill be hard kun didto kmi manaog sa Bethel Hospital kay malayo pa ang byahehon namon pakadto sa balay nila Mama.

A fun reunion and some catching ups happened in their house. Unfortunately, due to our tired senses we forgot to take even a single photo when we’re in Malaybalay City at our Mama Bebing’s blessed home.

Thanks again Mama Beng and Papa Tating for the warm welcome!


This is only Day 1 and 2 of our #NiceMindanao2016 Adventures. I’ll post soon the rest of the vacation.


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