Testimony: Miss Gay PLeving

Gay_Testimony 2

Hi everyone! Be blessed on how God showed His love, mercy and grace in my Sister’s life. This is her testimony.







“Maayo nga aga sa inyo nga tanan. I was informed to share my testimony early this week; I hesitated ky indi ko gusto mag huru hibi hibi dre sa tunga ninyo nga ang iban wala man naga pamati. Pero, akon narealize nga my iban man gli nga I know, gapamati gd and unknowingly makainspire man ako sa ila. So, sa tanan nga way plano, napilitan lang kag natak-an mamati, please lingi lingi sa ingod ninyo, kag lantawa kun gapamati sila, MAHUYA KA sa ila. Gusto na nila ya ma bless sa kaayo sang Ginoo sa akon kabuhi.

Magaumpisa ako.

Laban siguro dire sa aton nakakilala sa akon humalin sang gamay pa ako. And indi ko na pag i-elaborate kun ano ako ka sutil.. hehe. All my needs were provided, all the attention, care and love was given by my family.. amo na gani siguro nga wala ko ya nag nobyo2 ukon nangita man lang sang isa. Tanan na siguro nahatag nila – and one thing that I’ll treasure most from them in my entire life is for letting me know and enjoy Christ through their lives. Indi tanan sa aton my ara ginikanan nga tumulo-o. And I can say nga blessed ako ky mahapos sa akon mang-gawi nga indi ko na kinahanglan mapressure sa pag defend sang akon faith sa mga ginikanan ko. Tama na ka simple ang tanan, gamay lang nga lakat2, simbahan na.. kis a ara na ya mga membro, maligo palng ko. Tama ka simple dba?!

Pero I thought that my Christian life is as easy as ABC. Kurukanta kanta lang, puro pamati sa extension ka wali ni tatay, (ky na walihan kna before sa sulod parsonage before sang simba), kuro-kadlaw sa ika pulo na ka balik balik nga illustration niya, kag balik naman sa parsonage bag-o matapos ang threefold amen.

But then God let me realize nga ang routine sng akon life is not just doing those things. He wants me to grow and do really sang mga bagay that most glorify Him. He gave me the talent that what most say pang intellectuals or para lng dapat sa mga may high level of IQ. I developed that talent thru the help gd sng akon tatay. Winning various competitions may it be in local, regional and even in national level. Privileges’ in entering prestigious universities was offered. That I could say college life will be an easy flow para sa akon parents that they will not think over sa mga big amounts of fees in college. Everything was flowing so well for me. That unconsciously everyday I’m one step away na gli sa Ginoo. I was so “manhid” that time nga everyday as I woke up God was reminding me to Give back all the glory to Him for all the blessings, priviledges and all. PRIDE grew in my heart that I was so EGOCENTRIC nga ang akon lang na paminsar ako ni ! kaya ko tanan ya ah.. ari ko di sa amu ni nga university so anu pa.?. mka pagusto ko ya sang akon himuon… I took up mass communication for a year kay hambal sang akon mga teachers in high school I’am very good dw in the field of communication. and as I was in that course I was able to have a glimpse of whats going on in the media world. Having tours in radio stations print media stations and even touring in one of the biggest media station the ABSCBN big buildings and studious. Seeing the flow sa media ako naka paminsar kung para gd man ko di?! I begun to see the other side of it, the bad side. I lost the love and focus I had on that media thing.

After months of confusion, I decided to shift course ky indi ko maintendihan kun ano na ang gakatabo sa akon… with my inner self. I just can’t understand what I was doing.. Ga amat amat na dula ang passion ko sa chess – wala na ko gana mag practice, la na ko gasulod sa clase, la na ko ga enjoy sa mga gna pang ubra ko, nga sang sadto amo gid ang pinaka gusto ko. I wanted to understand – myself, that’s why, nag kuha ko BS Psychology. I thought that course would be my guide in achieving my desires in life and in understanding myself more. I know God was calling me already. But with that pride sa akon heart. I insisted on my own will .

Pero the same thing happened, and experienced even the worst case scenario. I struggled a lot in understanding what’s really the will of God in my life. How ironic, nga gna consider ko na ang will sang Ginoo sa akon, nga I consistently neglected His everyday reminder to consult Him in my every decision making.

Yes I learned a lot about humanity in psychology but none of those satisfied the neediest part of my being. I know everything’s wrong with in me. I felt worthlessness in myself even if I achieve something. I was too preoccupied by the worldly privileges and neglected what God had called me to do. I was so dumb in realizing that those moments when I started to lose track was God reminding me to slow down, pause for a while and wait for Him.

But still I insisted on what I wanted.

Until one day, nadakpan gd ko sang Ginoo and took everything important away from me – my parent’s trust, my college privileges and confidence in myself. I was totally left with nothing. I was so ashamed with myself, sa akon mga manghods and trainees who was looking up to their Ate Gay, to the people who supported me, especially to my parents who almost gave everything to me and most of all to my heavenly father who created me, loved me most and saved me from sin.

I was so broken that time. Guilt, shame worthlessness is eating my being that I’ve had considered myself a trash..

But then, In my serenity I so thank and appreciate God for that brokenness and emptiness. I could say that God loved me so much for reminding me and putting me back on the right track, for being so dependable, for reminding me that he is worthy of all praises in everyday of my life. For the priviledge of calling me to labor for Him and most of all For His daily sufficient GRACE who until now sustained me.

despite all of those, I hold on to the fact that our God is a God of second chances. I had been wrong with my decisions and choices I had been stepping away from Him, but I know, He will be there with me, to guide and still love me.

With all of those It Gave me no reason to not to Follow Him, obey Him and recommit myself to Him. Right now,

I praise the Lord for bringing me to the bible school and providing everything that I needed. From the financial, emotional, Physical needs and for new friends that blesses me sa ila kabuhi and most of all for my spiritual needs. Ineed He is really a sovereign God. A God who is so merciful and Gracious. That pushes me to have an intimate walk with Him daily. That the worth of life is Giving Him all the Glory and honor.

So before ko mag end, I just want to share sa inyo what I’ve read from a book that somehow naka ponder gd ko.

The moment that Moses came to years of discretion, he “refused to be called the son of Pharaoh’s daughter.” Take that as the starting-point of the life of service. If your circumstances are making it impossible for you to carry out what would otherwise be the will of God, then drop your circumstances as Moses did; it rests with you to do it. Refuse any longer to be called the son of Pharaoh’s daughter. You have been in the courts of men; you may have stood high in the favor of the people of this world, and your headship may look exceedingly brilliant: you must choose whether you will take the heavenly inheritance or the earthly.

All glory belongs to God. THANKYOU gd sa pag pamati.”



—–This was delivered at our Church’s Thanksgiving Celebration 2014. I’m so blessed on how she grew on the Lord and keeping her track on Him even if there’s an unnumbered obstacle  comes on her way. I so love you sister. Padayon sa Ginoo. Palangga ka gd namon. haha


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