Cause am twenitoo.


About the weird me. Keep on!

1. I love Korean Movies and Series and Indian Movies. My favorites are Gentleman’s Dignity, Pure Love, Innocent Man, Dream High, Miracle in Cell #7, 3 Idiots, My name is Khan, Krishna and Every Child is Special. I wanted to watch Man from the Stars!!

2. I am insecure, selfish, immature, heartless and stupid… and uhm, coward?WHATEVER.

3. I missed my high school classmates and friends!

4. My quick tabs when opening Mozilla Firefox are,,,, and Now that’s a weird combi.

5. I am poor in spirit. I usually believe immediately all that they tell me, without knowing the real scope of the story..

6. I hate cats! and dreamed of having a Chihuahua and I’ll call it ‘Suicide’.

7. I am a sanguine. Please understand when I go KSP, I can’t notice being one already. Also please understand when I’m motivated with DEADLINES and please understand that when I plan I can’t finish it. Cause I’m a planner, not a doer.

8. Oh my! I just couldn’t get HIM out of my… uhm, heart? lol He’s always in my mind, tho it’s already a couple year ago! Tsk tsk tsk, bad memory huh?

9. Organizing events gives me fulfillment that no other things can. I just love working behind the scene. I love to see how the celebrator enjoys her day without worrying about how the program will go and that the visitors enjoys as well.

10. I don’t have any ring, necklace or stuffs alike. I only have a single earring on my right ear (of course).

11. I think I have an Avoidant Personality Syndrome. Now, don’t be pissed whenever I got upset when you tell me about my bad habits. I hate criticisms to the bone!

12. I can’t forget my 18th birthday (15th July 2010), Typhoon Frank (28th June 2008) and Super Typhoon Yolanda (9th November 2013).

13. I love to hate my Sissum!

14. I always love to look crazy in a picture. Maybe because its the only thing that I master and confident with.


16. Rebel with a Cause by Franklin Graham is my favorite book.. Spaghetti is my favorite food.. I am fascinated with roses. I appreciate personalized gifts. I hate window shopping when I’m not in the mood to. I enjoy thrift shops. I like Korean fashion and all about , uhm, not sure on the food. Urgh! Blame the Korean movies.

17. I have no fixed decision. And I’m afraid to decide for my own self. I always rely at my parents’. When I took the courage to disobey my parents, I always fall the hard way.

18. In college I had a total of 5 inc.’s, 2 5.0s, no dropped and loads of 3.0s. Don’t ask me why.

19. I’m deeply hurt when people I care and love die. Because the memories that they leave behind stings.

20. I read a lot of Sidney Sheldon’s books. Yet I can’t remember the story of each, just the title. I felt the same excitement when I re-read it and as if I hadn’t read it at all.

21. I can’t finish a day without drinking coffee, have my ears cleaned and open Notepad and type some random things in my mind… after a while, I’ll close it and forget about it… thus I had a flock of unfinished knick knacks in my folders.