inseunice: under construction


I’ve been in a process of overcoming these insecurities in me because lately I feel so incompetent and lousy. I don’t like it when just a little negathought would knock me out megahit! Last years, it’s really not a big deal to me to stumble like an ugly frog because, ’twas just normal (i thought). I hate myself every time I overly think about negathings about me or positive ones but covered with a minus sign. Oh why? WHY?! Urgh. I can’t help it, but I just feel so useless. I feel so ugly about myself. I feel so down every minute. I feel so bad about lil bit of critics. I’m only piling up some weird senses in me not knowing how to make it right.

I’m jealous every random second.
I’m an evil.
Insecure evil.
Discontented damsel.

I hunger for correct dispositions.
I crave for right mental state.
I wanted to weigh every decision not emotionally above but a balance of intelligence and emotion.
I wanted contentment.
I wanted a Godly discernment.
I needed a Godly discernment.
I wanted real happiness.
I wanted joy.
I wanted peace of mind.
I needed someone who I could talk to. who could listen to me.

Please fix me Lord. Amen.



Photo from here.


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