Snippets #20: Too Late :(


Sorry Lord. Had tattooed my middle and point fingers with henna last night due to my obsessed desire to have one. I am aware of the results and have it painted on a place where it could be hidden (so they can’t see it.. else I would be reprimanded). I slept with it while still wet and woke up with messed black abstract chaos tsu tsu ek ek on my innocent other fingers. To my dismay.. Look what happened.. Huhuhu. Have to deal with this for two weeks, not unless if this could be fixed with a cuticle remover (as they suggest.) Urgh!

Di na ko mag liwat. 😦





inseunice: under construction


I’ve been in a process of overcoming these insecurities in me because lately I feel so incompetent and lousy. I don’t like it when just a little negathought would knock me out megahit! Last years, it’s really not a big deal to me to stumble like an ugly frog because, ’twas just normal (i thought). I hate myself every time I overly think about negathings about me or positive ones but covered with a minus sign. Oh why? WHY?! Urgh. I can’t help it, but I just feel so useless. I feel so ugly about myself. I feel so down every minute. I feel so bad about lil bit of critics. I’m only piling up some weird senses in me not knowing how to make it right.

I’m jealous every random second.
I’m an evil.
Insecure evil.
Discontented damsel.

I hunger for correct dispositions.
I crave for right mental state.
I wanted to weigh every decision not emotionally above but a balance of intelligence and emotion.
I wanted contentment.
I wanted a Godly discernment.
I needed a Godly discernment.
I wanted real happiness.
I wanted joy.
I wanted peace of mind.
I needed someone who I could talk to. who could listen to me.

Please fix me Lord. Amen.



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Snippets #18: Si GayGay


Tol! Kita ko n sa files ko .haha. 2011 pa ni… in 3years, damo2 nagd ya nag change. haha.. Having a fun bonding wit you will always be so memorable and incomparable.. Mual2 din ng indyan mangggo nga isa ka yahong with you justaring ky ka sum-od na. Then notice the vacant space sa likod ta nga barracks na sang mga boys xbong. wew. I miss your long hair. Urgh! Those times! Please, balik. #Gaygay #Throwback #Labyu


Snippets #17: Explaining Our Behavior


Oh Lord! Thank you. Just in time for my struggle. It’s really hard to conceive the idea that someone misunderstood you and call you ‘butigon’ and more with ‘bata ka Pastor, butigon.’ and followed by a sarcastic laugh ‘haha’ because __ is angry. My heart is hurt angry as well, but.. wala choice eh, pabay an nalang and swallow it all through fervent prayer.

Sa tanan, sorry if you expected me to be so angelic but… I also sin, tempted and devilish at time.. and my Tatay has nothing to do with them… that’s purely ME, turning away from his advices.. by choice. Sorry. Tawo lang.


Explaining Our Behavior The One Year Love Language Minute Devotional By: Gary Chapman

Photo credits to Team Kramer