Snippets #16: Happy New Year! Welcome 2K14 ^^

Hi. I would like to greet you a Happy Happy New Year ahead of you and your family. My 2013 was just so amazing and not so tremendously traumatic. I had experienced load of twists and turns which had made me a lot stronger that before –

Summer Job at DA RO VI that gave me a wide view of everything that’s happening in an actual workplace,

OJT Blues at the start of the SY that made me understand people more and not be so complacent in something important,

Thesis Defences that breaks nerves in me and reminded me that without God’s Guidance and Teamwork (with Tinay and Teray) – we won’t have passed it,

the Arrival of the Wao Boys and Some Weekenders – for the gift of Friendship, the joy they brought and for inspiring me to keep doing my best in school, because they sacrificed their life to be here in Lilo for that. Were it not for God.

Yolandafied Church Building – for keeping me in God’s track and for teaching me to trust God more. I always worry in everything I do, and that was the biggest rebuke in my life when i thought that we really can’t fix our church. All i forgot was that- Indeed, we can’t fix our church, but Jesus and His Father CAN! Thank you Lord for Yolanda!

Keswick Conference 2k13 where some questions in me was answered.Thank you Lord for providing our needs and for always been there for us.

I know that the 365 days of my 2014 will (no stopping) start tomorrow, and that tons of problems and trials will flood but one thing is sure – Jesus will always be with me and you because we trust in Him. For with Him, nothing is impossible. So relax, do your best, smile, be weird and always hold your head up and thank God for Jesus… through fervent prayer! Happy New Year!


To my friends, titas, titos, uncles and aunties.. Lolos and lolas, Gay, Nay, Tay – THANK YOU!

Love, Eunice.


Snippets #15: Corrections


ang feeling nga nakita sang isa nyo ka speaker ang imo gn take note (sa wali nya), tapos dugay nya ibalik, pag balik nya na.. 


Ara na iya outline.. Ay.. then, layo2 imo mga gn take note sa actual nya nga wali. Ay.. kahuluya 😦 😦 😦


Blog #16: My Support System

Thank you Lord for my ever supporting families – family by blood and family by faith.Image

ImageLast December 1, 2013, liwat naman ko gn kibot sang akon ginikanan – nag prepare sila sang kan anay ky nka pasar kuno ako sa Civil Service. Hahaha.. Wew. As usual, invited ang church and some close friends.

Wala man ko kabalo sang tinutuyo sang Ginoo kun ngaa gn papasar nya ko, one thing is sure nga naga upod gd Siya sa mga handom ko. Isa sa mga na learn ko sa pagkapasar nga ni amo ang pag deal ko sa pag ka nega ko – as in OPTIMUM NEGATIVITY! For example, kun my ara 9 ka tawo mag dayaw nga nami akon buhok kag ky isa nga mag hambal nga kalaw ay, ang isa nga na ako patihan. Blinded na ko sang negative sights amo nga sometimes, deep inside bitter na ko..

So what’s the connection? Simple..

Excited gd ko ya kag super na lipay sa result sang exam, i called Nanay and Tatay and they seem to be really happy for me with praises to Jesus. Nalipay man mga Titas ko. Then, sa school, tripping sang mga classmates ko nga palakpakan and i-congratulate ako sa hallway a day after the release (of results), tas my nag palapit nga HeadX, and somewhat nag kadlaw sarcastically pointing to me, “Hahaha.. Ini, nka pasar?” Urgh! Natameme nalang ko, pero gn pugngan ko gd kaugalingon ko, para indi nalang ko ka sabat. Daw nag abot ko sa point nga namangkot ko sa Ginoo, kun tuod nga kapasar gd man ko.. as if, dw d ko deserve and pag ka pasar ko.

At the end of the day, I managed to smile at him, remain my composure nga daw wala lang natabo. Cause I realized, nalipay ang mga tawo nga nangamuyo sa akon during exam, (in fact miracle gd ya ky gamasakit ko to pag exam), nalipay ginikanan ko.. Taz ako ya mabulagan lang sang isa ka tawo nga nag yaguta sa akon? No way. Damo damo blessings nice! Way lugar sa mga bitterness!

Beyond sa expectation ta gd permi ang result once ma-commit tna sa Ginoo ang tanan while doing our best. He is always there, yet we choose to be far from Him.