Blog #14: 6th National PK’s Camp I

Last April 26, 2013 we attended the 6th National PK’s Camp held in Camp Nikos, Guimaras.. I witnessed how we, PKs struggled to keep the ministry of our fathers alive and maintained a good testimony to inspire others. Before joining, I became hesitant because I know that I don’t live a typical PKs life (as what others would expect, teach children, conduct a choir), and I thought that I don’t have that something to share to my fellow PKs.. But I was wrong, I’M NOT ALONE.. I could relate to others – as how we keep this ‘good’ image though temptation and struggles are quite normal to us human – because I know in spite of this unique life,  there is this GOD who sustains and blesses me and got me win this fight.

There’s no need for us to keep a ‘good’ image (as what others thought of us) ’cause we know, we are HUMAN BEINGS (just like those ‘Others’!), WE ARE ALSO SINNERS and WE ARE NOT EXEMPTED TO THE FOE’s TEMPTATIONS. We are in this world who battles against our own self – OWN PROUD SELF.

The camp wasn’t so complete without these Great Speakers (who are also PKs!) who had inspired us more than the others, Ptr. Kemuel Senina, Ptr. Balm Escobar, Ptr. Dwight Antonio, Ptr. Rehum Baldimor, Ptr. Levi Lumilang, Ptr. Jireh de Oca.

As the camp ended, I can’t keep myself from feeling so blessed and inspired to REALLY trust in GOD because WE (PKs) are the opponent’s main bait to help destroy our FATHER in EARTH and FATHER in HEAVEN’s Ministry. (Though hard to bid good byes to those new friends there!.)

And look how I enjoyed the camp with my new friends, Danah & Darah Cruspero (Binalbagan, Negros Occ.), Kat & Zhar Severino (Iriga City, Bicol), Ging2 & Kim Gesulgon (Guimbal, Iloilo), Nang Faith Misamen (Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental), Lara and Hannah Perales (Capiz), Leah Lanuza (Manapla, Negros Occ), Erracah Martinez (Aklan).

ImageIn the Tagaytay-Illusion

ImageZhar, Kat, Me, Darah, Ging2 & Sissy : ’twas such a great camp with you my new friends!

ImageRoom 101 PKs! Kat, Lara, Me, Ging2, Hannah, Erracah, Sissy, Leah, Dannah, Darah, Zhar & Nang Faith.

Imageat the Tagaytay-illusion with them!

ImageI love how these guys laugh at my jokes and accepted me as a weird and kooorny PK.. Bwahahahay

Imageat the Zipline Base photo ek ek! 🙂

I will surely MISS YOU Guys! See you in Palawan for the 7th National PKs Camp!



Photo credit: CRUSPERO SISTERS’ FB Account


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