Snippets #10: Lesson Learned

I was so down yesterday (March22,2013) that I wanted to just cross the street with a 10-wheeler truck passing through me. Imagine, I have to endure again what had happened 2 years ago – INC in Physics 4 coz i failed to pass my final exam- with just these 3 solutions left, *INC *DRP & *5.0..

Biskan ano ko katuon wa gyapon epek.. Lipatan ko gyapon mag exam.

After visiting my Phys Prof, I dropped by Paperbloom CAP to have my another proj be printed and God amazingly reminded me to keep going on through this cute Korean Lady who sweetly assisted us and greeted us in English and in Hiligaynon (“Pha-print?”,”Hamo lang ni Mham?”,”Five Phe-so”). Then I wondered kung paano ya ni na ubra..

Didto ko lang na realize, ngaa nag give-up ko dayon hw? My removal exam pa sa Monday! Ang Korean gni, sige sa pagtuon sang alien language para sa ika ayo nya. hay..

Lord, help me trust only in your promises… Please keep my patience looooooooooooooooonger. Ty


ps. Pa-tutor bi šŸ˜€


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