Snippets #9: Ang Ang Moment

‘Job interview Ang-Ang moment’ while waiting for my time to be interviewed… (Time: 9:30pm)

Question: Why would we hire you?

In my mind (planning out an answer to the question): Good evening maam. I have that determination to be a part of this biggest BPO Company in the Philippines in 2012 and also I am hardworking and open minded to the things that could help me develop a better me. I also have that willingness to be in here as so we could help each other, because as what i have noticed a while ago, of all those 200 qualified agents for final interview, only 20 of us came back, so willingness is way far better than those who have the skills but are afraid to take the risk of coming here late at night. di.. dit… di.. dit…

During the Interview (Time: 11:10pm)

My Answer: i am.. uhmm.. Well.. I am hardworking.. I can.. uhm..


The verdict: FAIL.. Bwahahaha.. Masadya.. tni robot nalng ma interview sa akon para basahon ya nalng ang utok ko.. hahaha.. d nlg ko mag hambal dayon.. ay maan 😀


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