Blog #3: Going Home

A Tribute to the

Late VP Jonathan Golez


Just last week, you were still breathing

Even in pain, you’re striving…

To continue the gift God hath given.

To live life and make it worth living.


We wonder why, in that coffin you lay.

“’Cause I’m tired..” Your body did say.

To a sickness that even money couldn’t pay,

‘twas God’s plan, no matter, come what may.


In our human nature, we got sad

To see you in pain, you young lad.

That’s why, “Come home..” said God

Uh-oh, in Jesus’ Name, we understand.



You have lived the faith,

Grown in love, passionate in God’s work.

Thank you for letting our Creator use you.

That young as you are, you were such a helper,

happy and true.



Your crazy icebreakers and hard games;

We will miss, as well as the way you call our names.

As we also long for your hosting too

‘Cause in our fellowships, your timid soul will not show.



Vice Pres, we will try to accept

That you just took your last step

To Jesus’ home you’ve now embraced:

No more shots, no more agony in your face.


How was heaven, dear brother?

We know that you are healthy there.

Please say to HIM our dear “Hello”,

As we wait for our time to be there too.


Surely this isn’t goodbye.

‘cause as we wait for the answers to our whys,

God will reveal it, in a very unique way.

“Our dear VP, to his coffin he lay,

Was called in GOING HOME by his Savior TODAY.”


Only one life, ‘twill soon be passed…

Only what’s done for Christ will last…

Vice President Jonathan “Neboi” Golez,

Till we meet again…


August 1, 1991 – January 31, 2013


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