Linamada #7



December 30, 2012



Sometimes in my longing soul I dreamed

To have a perfect future family then

Like my parents who’s been very loving and true

And instils in me an understanding spirit for others too.


Sometimes in my happy soul I rejoiced

Whenever I experience more joys and fewer sorrows

And understand that my parents are perfect with their flaws

‘twas because they know that their flaws are lessons enjoyed.


Sometimes in my weary soul I worry

About those families whose been destroyed by sinful dowry

All they think about was their selves,

Neglecting their needy children and soon be sorry.


Sometimes in my confused soul I wonder,

Why my family, in good way they wander

And there are those, understanding each other, they didn’t ponder.

Why? ‘cause God the Solver, they think He doesn’t matter.


Sometimes in my serene soul I’m silenced

To the issues around, that I can’t seem to balance.

In our home, love was very visible to each other

While to some, lust dominates their home and they don’t bother.


All that some time, my concerned soul seems pray,

That all family, in unity and peace they’ll live always.

Loving each other wholeheartedly, not just those hugs and kisses

Not forgetting God to be always in the center…

Always and forever…


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