Snippets #4: Hatest Joke

I am a joker in my own little way. I love to see people laugh whenever they’re with me.

Laughing is always my favorite hobby, that is why I always think about cracking a very good joke to everyone, so I could share to them my happiness.. But sometimes, I just can’t seem to ride on someones’ joke. And I always end up “going pikon” na if ever the joke is out of control.. I’m sorry to that. And you know kung din ko gaka pikon or my ‘Hatest Joke‘?..


-It’s when you tease me on someone.

Because for me, it is a psychological moment. OA ako daan mag react, kung na notice nyo. Ti indi ko gusto ma-misinterpret akon reaction the same way nga maka offend ko sang tawo. Bal an mo na na kung amo akon na mean.. Indi ko daan ma abot akon pinsar kag mood. Subong good mood ako, dugay dugay bored n ko. Kagapon masadya ako, bwas, wala lang.. Basta mo na.


“Keso! Si *KWAN* gali, ma-whatsoeverIthink..” Tapos gulpi lang ko ya ma-syagit “NGEEEEEEEEEE!”

Ti dba kalaw ay..


So please, sa tanan nga may plano nga manunlog kung sa kay sin o nga Human, timinga nyo lang nga ara ako sa SUUUUUUUUPER-DUUUUUUUUPER GOOOOOOODY MOOOOOOD KOOOOOO… Ina bala ang game ako sa pasakay-ek-ek..

I hope intsindihanay kita and I want to understand you too.

Gooooody Nightyyy..



Linamada #8

Violet Sunday Dreams


December 31, 2012

2012. This year will about to end.

My life was fun minus those that bend.

And here I am, nothing new.

Always dreaming, my mind always flew.

I dreamed a violet Sunday,

‘cause it’s all about Royalty.

I’m in the middle of a room,

Eating, using those lavish golden spoons.

Living in a castle with 90 maids

Each with their assignments to me they lay

Having me in the corner resting there

Though, I got all day in nothingness I stare.

I dreamed a violet Sunday

In the middle of summer may,

In a forest walk, with my dear prince

All those obstacles? We both win!

Aha! That prince tale, isn’t enough

With his manly aura I gulped,

‘twas because his beauty made me fall,

As he escorted me to the royal ball.

I dreamed a violet Sunday

And my feelings became so gay

I’ve got a million, just for a shopping spree!

You know where? Just at the bounty NYC!

Olsen Twin’s bag. Lavish Prada.

Victoria Beckham jumpsuit, CK so ganda!

Those entire worlds’ got so jealous

To me who got this privilege soft as mallows.

I dreamed a violet Sunday

Where I met Obama on a cloudy day

He wore just a plain white sando,

Paired with a gray pajama, atop is his mohawk hairdo.

On the garden he played Frisbee

Passing it to Maila and Sasha runs behind him

And oh! You may ask where we met.

Hello? I won “A Day with President Obama”

You bet?

I dreamed a violet Sunday

Where Channing Tatum made me soo happy.

We were strolling in a Miami Beach

He was with his girl and I’m with some witch

I overly rejoiced ‘cause I saw him

And became so irritated with those media men

They were so eager to catch him with his girl,

As they made me kiss the sand,

Making my precious head twirl.

Oh! I super dreamed a violet Sunday

I had forgotten what day is today!

Reality knocked me down my bed,

As I wake up with the floor under my head.

I was just one of you out there…

Our night dreams seem to be an escape-ware

To our real problem that seem so great

And all we have to do is smile and rate

If today is just a normal Sunday,

Would I enjoy my dream about a Violet Sunday?

Linamada #7



December 30, 2012



Sometimes in my longing soul I dreamed

To have a perfect future family then

Like my parents who’s been very loving and true

And instils in me an understanding spirit for others too.


Sometimes in my happy soul I rejoiced

Whenever I experience more joys and fewer sorrows

And understand that my parents are perfect with their flaws

‘twas because they know that their flaws are lessons enjoyed.


Sometimes in my weary soul I worry

About those families whose been destroyed by sinful dowry

All they think about was their selves,

Neglecting their needy children and soon be sorry.


Sometimes in my confused soul I wonder,

Why my family, in good way they wander

And there are those, understanding each other, they didn’t ponder.

Why? ‘cause God the Solver, they think He doesn’t matter.


Sometimes in my serene soul I’m silenced

To the issues around, that I can’t seem to balance.

In our home, love was very visible to each other

While to some, lust dominates their home and they don’t bother.


All that some time, my concerned soul seems pray,

That all family, in unity and peace they’ll live always.

Loving each other wholeheartedly, not just those hugs and kisses

Not forgetting God to be always in the center…

Always and forever…