Linamada #6


How She Courted Me

by: Wirdangkeso


(August 30,2012)

As I walk down the aisle…

In trembling knees I wile

Of this aching body of mine

Due to that exhausting tennis jive.

I am very tired that day,

On that very hot noon of May’s Monday

When a very unique and weird girl

Came to me with her lashes that curl.

I wonder what she’s into

when in the fierce sun she’s through.

To me she approaches… Ah!!

In her pocket there are roses.

As to me who’s famous

This simple stunt won’t get me nervous

But why? Why with this weird girl,

With her lashes and roses, I GIGGLE.

I giggle not because of the effort like that

But because of the gentleness I’m touched.

It’s very common for a girl like her

to do me that sweet deed with her chaotic hair.

But why do I’m writing this?

SIMPLE. To show to you she’s not a tease

To a famous athlete like I

Those fans out there are the apple of my eye.

But wait.. What about the title?

I already told you about this girl I like to mingle

How she courted me was just simple

To inspire me on my every game

..and show her I GIGGLE.


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