Throwback: #OJTJokes

FuuunyScene sa MIS ka ISAT

Ay. Ay. Ay. Lemme blog about my own observation about things and scenes happening here in MIS/EDP Department of my beloved school where I’m currently having my OJT. ’twas every time there is an incoming first year applicant (IFY), I can’t help my self but laugh or sometimes burst into a ‘harakhak’ to some of their innocent mistakes: be it on the infos on the application forms or their gestures. But let me ask for your forgiveness if I found you or your gestures funny – please be not offended. HAHAHA

#FuuunyScene 1

Loud *Knock* *Knock* on the door. Wait for a minute. Loud *Knock* *Knock* on the door again. Heard whispering outside, “Way man tawo day.” -“Panuktok b liwat.” I would stand and have my way to the door and suddenly they would open it. Speak about #LateGuts. Ay maan. Haha.. Relate!

#FuuunyScene 2

Course Preferences (Select from List of Course Offered):

1st Preference: BS Mathematics

2nd Preference: BSED Major in Mathematics

3rd Preference: MA Mathematics

Notice the infos on the 3rd preference. Hahahaha.. That’s what you call #TingbanayKurso. Hahaha.. D man obvious nga favorite nya ang math. IFYs, please be informed that you only are allowed to take Bachelors Degree Courses, or sa simple nga pag describe, ang mga kurso lang nga ga umpisa sa mga ‘BS2’ mo lang na dapat sa inyo. Hahaha. d pwede laktaw. (Not unless, kun accelerated kw. lol)


two years in the making. hahahaa miss this moment!


#NiceMindanao2016 #Part1

This trip is a planned surprise to our grandmas en grandpa in Mindanao, and an another surprise to the sissie, the amay en iloy, that this really pushed through amidst all constraints. We prayed that we can visit the oldies because tis been a couple year when we last saw them, and twill be a good feeling when we can personally see them. But we decided to go just a day before the departure. Bisan bayo wala kmi ka prepare. But because we prayed for this, so we went.

Basically i only brought 5 shirts, 5 shorts, 1 jacket, 1 pants and a skirt because we packed 4hrs before going at 8pm and because we wanted to travel light, coz you know, wala si amay nga ma bitbit kag wala man kmi inugbayad sa porter (LOL). After i fetched the sissie at her school at 9pm, she immediately packed her belongings and at 11pm we checked in at Iloilo Port. Sans dinner, we find our way to the terminal awaiting some surprises inside.

The whole port system is a mess. Passengers who came early had the privilege to sleep on the chairs – 3chairs each, also benefiting their bags a seat. So the late comers either enjoy standing or sit on the cold floors. We preferred the cold floor because the ferry will arrive at 3 am and its way too long to wait. So together we sat on the floor and rested our bags too, opened our dinner and wait for the ferry’s beep.

At exactly 3am, MV St. Therese of Child Jesus ferry departed Iloilo Port and its an eerie start of a voyage because of a low pressure. The waves are huge and unfortunately our designated beds are the top of a double deck – doubling the nausea. Di gid ya comportable mag sagi lakat kay da matumba ka sa ka balod. But its an enjoyable ride because of the many firsts the sissie and i is experiencing – *firstym to go to Mindanao together sans the parents *first over the sea travel together *firstym to budget our own money (and given that in travelling you should be ready for the unexpected expenses) *firstym to pack our bags this light (LOL!!) and *firstym to travel this far with limited balon nga food.

One of the things we agreed upon is to buy limited food pre-departure because we noticed on our past vacations nga indi man namon maubos sa byahe ang mga balon namon, gadugang lang sa bilitbiton. So in every stops we browse the stores for food that we like in that moment and should be consumed immediately. But I made sure i have enough of my coffee throughout our trip. Budlay na. Hahaha So heres some of our #terminalfoods: cup noodles and the free lunch the ferry is serving – rice + lumpiang shanghai in tomato sauce + strawberry crinkles.

Despite the apology of the ferry’s personnel that a possible delay of arrival at CDO Port, we arrived at 4:15pm, 45mins before the estimated 5pm arrival. I took a few shots of the port, at the ferry’s POV. Medyo gloomy gihapon ang CDO pag abot namon, pareho sang pag halin namon sa Iloilo.

The instruction of the experienced a.k.a. the parents “pag panaog sa barko, sakay dayon sa jeep pa Agura Terminal kag mag sakay Super 5 nga bus pa Malaybalay City (our first stop for this vacation.)” So we faithfully followed the instructions to avoid commotion back home.

So heres us bound to Malaybalay City aboard Super5 bus nga Super man ang aircon + ulan. Sa Iloilo mag ulan, kiber ang tugnaw, sa Mindanao ya, wala pa ulan, tugnaw na.


A funny thing happened the moment we arrived at Malaybalay. The instruction was “Ate, a. hambalan mo ang conductor, ‘atbang Bethel Hospital’ kamo manaog. b. itext mo kuno kay Mama mo Bebing ang bus number kay bantayan kamo nila. c. i update nyo kami sang mga ginaagyan nyo”  So again, we faithfully followed all of those. But when we are gettin nearer, a text came from the tiya, that they are already in Sumpong. We have no idea what it is and where it is. She added, that instead of Bethel Hospital, we will get off the bus in Sumpong. We take no deal on the last instruction.

At 8pm, we confirmed that we are already at the heart of Malaybalay City, we became busy looking for landmarks that will lead us to Bethel Hospital. Mabudlay magtalang kay 1. indi kmi cebuano speaker 2. we don’t know the place 3. gaulan. Then the bus stopped at a certain bus stop, we thought that its only a normal bus stop, when suddenly a commotion is happening below. Its between the conductor and a woman, their conversation is inaudible.

Again, we take no deal on it but when someone shouted “NICE! GAY PALANAOG NA KAMO DA!” Nagla-aw kmi, we were like “Huh? may ano?! (avoiding getting paranoid of the news about mindanao, the terorism and all)” Ang iban pasahero nag balalikid kag nag tilindog gazing at us! Dungan singgit ni Gay, “Si Mama Bebing!” Dungan burakwit sang dala niya kag nana-og. Leaving me in my seat. In split second, i processed the whole thing, swallowed the rest of the ampao on my mouth, grabbed my bags and walked out while avoiding the confused gazed of the rest of the passenger. The other managed a smile while others laughed.

Pag abot sa dalom, ara na ang tiya kag ang pakaisa, ga bira bira kadlaw sa natabo. Makon mo gin sugat gd kmi iya sa babaw bus!

I therefore realized that Sumpong is a street in Malaybalay City. They decided to fetch us there because of the rain. Twill be hard kun didto kmi manaog sa Bethel Hospital kay malayo pa ang byahehon namon pakadto sa balay nila Mama.

A fun reunion and some catching ups happened in their house. Unfortunately, due to our tired senses we forgot to take even a single photo when we’re in Malaybalay City at our Mama Bebing’s blessed home.

Thanks again Mama Beng and Papa Tating for the warm welcome!


This is only Day 1 and 2 of our #NiceMindanao2016 Adventures. I’ll post soon the rest of the vacation.

52nd Anniversary of God’s Wonderful Faithfulness

PicMonkey Collage

Happiest Birthday to you dear Tatay.

Here’s a flashback story of how I’m soo much grateful of your presence in my life.

“Last night ga worry gd q kun paano q matapos ang 42 shirts ky kapoy2 si tatay sa pang masa sang semento.. Pero gi set up q gihapon ang mga shirts jus in case aga pa ka bugtaw si Amay.. then pag patak sang ala una sa kaagahon naka bugtaw sya natingala ngaa bugtaw pa aq… kag nag offer nga taposon na namon. Ahhhhh!!! Sya nagd ya!! Sya nagd ya ang pinaka martyr nga amay ever!! hahahaha Always be grateful to the Lord for him being my Tatay.
So tungod di q ka agwanta sang ka responsable mo Tay, duh nahuya man aq nga hugs, kiss en greetings lang i.amot q sa bertday mo.. Hahaha dugangan q nlng sang kayk ah hahaha ay, lantawon q lang gli.. du way na q gli kwarta. hahaha hugs, kiss en greetings WITH MY PUREST LOVE nagd lng tay ha. hihihi
Advance happiest birtdy Amay! Yow d best ever! tungod sina, budlay2 nagd ya makakilala sang kaangay sa imo. hahahay
Like I care about it, again hahaha

Like what I had been feeling that moment, I am very thankful for everything. Salamat sa tanan.. especially sa pag pa tubo sa amon sa pudir sang isa ka Diosnon nga panimalay. Salamat man sa paghatag sa aqn sang utod nga putot, law ay kag maitom sang sadto, pero gwapa kag mature sa Ginoo na subong. salamat man sa pag intyende sa aqn sa panahon nga dw waay aq sa tyakto nga pinsar. hehe

I will always be praying ang loving you till eternity. Love you Tatay, Happiest birthday to you my only Man, my happiness, my kaagaw kay nanay. hehehe

Ps. sorry sa aqn mga kakulangan. 🙂 thanks for loving me my Mirror.




Cutest and wonderful nga moment samtang ga fill up ako sang SALN q, kay yawan q panumdum sang i-butang q sa Assets q… kay wala man abi q pagkabutang nga may monetary values nga akon gd iya gd gastohan (wala man q silpon, bayo q puro ukay2 and gifts, shoes q puro ukay2 man kag hinatagan, donation/gift ang amon ref, tv, laptop, Globe Tattoo Broadband, dvd player kag thermos, iya ka church ang amon pinggan nga ang iban bilin pa sa wedding gifts sa kasal ni Amay kag Iloy, wala man kmi lote, ang amon gna tulogan, Parsonage – iya man ka church, ang amon mga bedsheets, habol kag kurtina puro white gift mag christmas kag relief goods pag Yolanda, ang amon bugas, blessings man. hahahaha)

..then I realized nga wala gd kmi ya gli kun i-hold up kmi.. hahahaha
and yet happy kmi ya sa sini nga sitwasyon..
I resolved to one thing nga worth ibutang sa SALN q – si JESUS
Maybe maham-ot sini ang iban, matingala or wala lang ni sa ila
pero sa amon ya, Jesus is worth more than the price of the Earth in the Universe situated in the Galaxy… is worth more than the accumulated Assets of all politicians, businessmen, freelancers, beggars and thieves, hold upper, kidnappers, etc in the world… is worth more than the values of all the diamonds, golds and swarovski crystals, Dongyan Wedding and all the riches in earth..
because JESUS IS EVERYTHING. FAITH IN HIM ALONE CAN SAVE US.. CAN SAVE YOU… CAN SAVE ME… from the wrath of hell which the love for money or riches can bring us there.

WBAAFC Keswick Conference 2014

(an uberlate entry that summarizes our WBAAFC Keswick Conference 2014 experience. Here’s my behind the event POV)

5months ago, my Amay was invited to speak  for the YPs at WBAAFC Keswick Conference 2014. After fervent prayer, he gladly accepted the invitation coz he wanted to speak to the young people at a conference where he accepted the Lord and committed his life to Him last 30 years ago in Bukidnon. He was overjoyed at the privilege given to him. He prepared for it, even costing countless sleepless nights, research here, read there and countless hours sitting at his study table.

December 21, 2014 came and he knew God had readied his heart to preach for God’s message (first out of 5) and here he is polishing it.


First Session. Below, we prayed with the Speaker praising God for our safety and for His grace, guidance and wisdom for the whole duration of the conference.


Below. We were seated at the back coz nahuya kmi mag pa.una. hehe Reunited with Ma’am Mia, Adin en Agot. Soo missed them!



Sessions. By faith plus nothing equals salvation.


Let Jesus be the anchor of your life.


Please help us pray for the YPs who committed their souls to God for full time Ministry. May the commitment they made that night stayed in their hearts for God’s usability.

10888476_10203639909144992_8120194102473942090_n 10429246_10203639920025264_4741711304778653075_n

What amazed us in this Keswick Conference was the format – Camp-ferencing! There are Basketball and Volleyball Tournaments and lots of parlor games enjoyed by the YPs and even by the Speaker and Pastors.

  10868127_10203557901614855_9058674301631865074_n 10868259_10203557954576179_4387706008907049905_n10712954_10203557950016065_7267834027586025871_n10341465_10203551295689711_7554834767530590329_n

Speaker’s Family Groufie


Hahaha! My most unexpected part of the conference was when the Host called the Speaker’s Family to the stage with him to be given by a love gift too. Perti amon kahuya ni Sister pero we absolutely are happy and overjoyed to receive it. Thank you!


My Malong. Thank you WBAAFC Committee!


Much thanks to Ptr. Rene Balintongog (Wao FBC), the Host Pastor, Ptr. Mario Aguire, WBAAFC Director and other Pastors and Workers I can’t name further, for their warm welcome and for being good to us the whole conference time. Salamat man sa pag.invite sa amon Amay, kag kabay na bless gd kmo sa mga mensahe sang Ginoo. Especially thank you to the YPs who spared their time to attend the WBAAFC Keswick Conference. I’ll be praying for you all! God bless! 🙂


Linamada #9

Biskan Minilyon pa nga Yolanda…

by: NiceGay PLeving


Yolanda. Maanyag nga ngalan kon aton pamati-an

Kaangay sang paghinuni sang mga kapispisan

Daw ikaw gina ili-ili kun imo pamalandungan

Aton dayawon kay matahom ang Yolanda nga ngalan.


Apang sang nagligad nga tuig natagaan ini sang lain nga atensyon

Tungod nang-guba sang mga balay kag pang-anod sang mga pananom

Nagdangat sang sakit sa ulo kag tuman nga kunsomisyon

Sa mga tawo nga iya gin-labyan, sang mga panganod nag gu-om


Sang gin-anonsyo sang PAGASA ang Bagyong Yolanda

Kami wala gin-kulbaan ukon kami wala nag sala-sala

Kay abi namon ini ulan kag mahina nga hangin lamang

Apang ini gali makusog, nagsobra sa amon ginla-uman


Oh Bagyong Yolanda NGAA man?!

Kami imo gin pa-antos kag ginbaya-an

Sa tunga sining trahedya kag sirkumstansya…

Apang ini tanan gali, yara sa mga plano NIYA.


Amon na realisar nga ini tanan gintugot Niya,

Tungod may rason kag tinutuyo Sing-iya

Kay kita nga tawo dali mabalaka

Pamasul-basol kag pagduda ang upisyo ta.


Tabog nga mga atop, tumba nga mga kudal kag puno sang kahoy

Linapta sa palibot – sa kunsumisyon, abaga mo mahuy-hoy

Ilabi naguid ang aton simbahan, madugang imo panaghoy

Apang ini tanan, amon ginkabig nga bugay nga indi ma-asuy.


Wa-ay nadula sa Iya ang amon pagsalig

SIYA ang naghimuno sang grasya sa bilog nga tuig

Pagsuply sang kinahanglanon, pagka-on kag tubig

SIYA wa-ay nagpabaya, sa Iya ka-anakan padayon nga ga amlig


Gani kita nga adlaw-adlaw pa nga gaginhawa,

Indi mag untat, padayon pag-tutum pa guid sa IYA

SIYA yara biskan sa minilyon pa nga pag abot ni Yolanda.

Kita indi NIYA pagpabay-an, pagabantayan kag i-anguma.



Testimony: Miss Gay PLeving

Gay_Testimony 2

Hi everyone! Be blessed on how God showed His love, mercy and grace in my Sister’s life. This is her testimony.







“Maayo nga aga sa inyo nga tanan. I was informed to share my testimony early this week; I hesitated ky indi ko gusto mag huru hibi hibi dre sa tunga ninyo nga ang iban wala man naga pamati. Pero, akon narealize nga my iban man gli nga I know, gapamati gd and unknowingly makainspire man ako sa ila. So, sa tanan nga way plano, napilitan lang kag natak-an mamati, please lingi lingi sa ingod ninyo, kag lantawa kun gapamati sila, MAHUYA KA sa ila. Gusto na nila ya ma bless sa kaayo sang Ginoo sa akon kabuhi.

Magaumpisa ako.

Laban siguro dire sa aton nakakilala sa akon humalin sang gamay pa ako. And indi ko na pag i-elaborate kun ano ako ka sutil.. hehe. All my needs were provided, all the attention, care and love was given by my family.. amo na gani siguro nga wala ko ya nag nobyo2 ukon nangita man lang sang isa. Tanan na siguro nahatag nila – and one thing that I’ll treasure most from them in my entire life is for letting me know and enjoy Christ through their lives. Indi tanan sa aton my ara ginikanan nga tumulo-o. And I can say nga blessed ako ky mahapos sa akon mang-gawi nga indi ko na kinahanglan mapressure sa pag defend sang akon faith sa mga ginikanan ko. Tama na ka simple ang tanan, gamay lang nga lakat2, simbahan na.. kis a ara na ya mga membro, maligo palng ko. Tama ka simple dba?!

Pero I thought that my Christian life is as easy as ABC. Kurukanta kanta lang, puro pamati sa extension ka wali ni tatay, (ky na walihan kna before sa sulod parsonage before sang simba), kuro-kadlaw sa ika pulo na ka balik balik nga illustration niya, kag balik naman sa parsonage bag-o matapos ang threefold amen.

But then God let me realize nga ang routine sng akon life is not just doing those things. He wants me to grow and do really sang mga bagay that most glorify Him. He gave me the talent that what most say pang intellectuals or para lng dapat sa mga may high level of IQ. I developed that talent thru the help gd sng akon tatay. Winning various competitions may it be in local, regional and even in national level. Privileges’ in entering prestigious universities was offered. That I could say college life will be an easy flow para sa akon parents that they will not think over sa mga big amounts of fees in college. Everything was flowing so well for me. That unconsciously everyday I’m one step away na gli sa Ginoo. I was so “manhid” that time nga everyday as I woke up God was reminding me to Give back all the glory to Him for all the blessings, priviledges and all. PRIDE grew in my heart that I was so EGOCENTRIC nga ang akon lang na paminsar ako ni ! kaya ko tanan ya ah.. ari ko di sa amu ni nga university so anu pa.?. mka pagusto ko ya sang akon himuon… I took up mass communication for a year kay hambal sang akon mga teachers in high school I’am very good dw in the field of communication. and as I was in that course I was able to have a glimpse of whats going on in the media world. Having tours in radio stations print media stations and even touring in one of the biggest media station the ABSCBN big buildings and studious. Seeing the flow sa media ako naka paminsar kung para gd man ko di?! I begun to see the other side of it, the bad side. I lost the love and focus I had on that media thing.

After months of confusion, I decided to shift course ky indi ko maintendihan kun ano na ang gakatabo sa akon… with my inner self. I just can’t understand what I was doing.. Ga amat amat na dula ang passion ko sa chess – wala na ko gana mag practice, la na ko gasulod sa clase, la na ko ga enjoy sa mga gna pang ubra ko, nga sang sadto amo gid ang pinaka gusto ko. I wanted to understand – myself, that’s why, nag kuha ko BS Psychology. I thought that course would be my guide in achieving my desires in life and in understanding myself more. I know God was calling me already. But with that pride sa akon heart. I insisted on my own will .

Pero the same thing happened, and experienced even the worst case scenario. I struggled a lot in understanding what’s really the will of God in my life. How ironic, nga gna consider ko na ang will sang Ginoo sa akon, nga I consistently neglected His everyday reminder to consult Him in my every decision making.

Yes I learned a lot about humanity in psychology but none of those satisfied the neediest part of my being. I know everything’s wrong with in me. I felt worthlessness in myself even if I achieve something. I was too preoccupied by the worldly privileges and neglected what God had called me to do. I was so dumb in realizing that those moments when I started to lose track was God reminding me to slow down, pause for a while and wait for Him.

But still I insisted on what I wanted.

Until one day, nadakpan gd ko sang Ginoo and took everything important away from me – my parent’s trust, my college privileges and confidence in myself. I was totally left with nothing. I was so ashamed with myself, sa akon mga manghods and trainees who was looking up to their Ate Gay, to the people who supported me, especially to my parents who almost gave everything to me and most of all to my heavenly father who created me, loved me most and saved me from sin.

I was so broken that time. Guilt, shame worthlessness is eating my being that I’ve had considered myself a trash..

But then, In my serenity I so thank and appreciate God for that brokenness and emptiness. I could say that God loved me so much for reminding me and putting me back on the right track, for being so dependable, for reminding me that he is worthy of all praises in everyday of my life. For the priviledge of calling me to labor for Him and most of all For His daily sufficient GRACE who until now sustained me.

despite all of those, I hold on to the fact that our God is a God of second chances. I had been wrong with my decisions and choices I had been stepping away from Him, but I know, He will be there with me, to guide and still love me.

With all of those It Gave me no reason to not to Follow Him, obey Him and recommit myself to Him. Right now,

I praise the Lord for bringing me to the bible school and providing everything that I needed. From the financial, emotional, Physical needs and for new friends that blesses me sa ila kabuhi and most of all for my spiritual needs. Ineed He is really a sovereign God. A God who is so merciful and Gracious. That pushes me to have an intimate walk with Him daily. That the worth of life is Giving Him all the Glory and honor.

So before ko mag end, I just want to share sa inyo what I’ve read from a book that somehow naka ponder gd ko.

The moment that Moses came to years of discretion, he “refused to be called the son of Pharaoh’s daughter.” Take that as the starting-point of the life of service. If your circumstances are making it impossible for you to carry out what would otherwise be the will of God, then drop your circumstances as Moses did; it rests with you to do it. Refuse any longer to be called the son of Pharaoh’s daughter. You have been in the courts of men; you may have stood high in the favor of the people of this world, and your headship may look exceedingly brilliant: you must choose whether you will take the heavenly inheritance or the earthly.

All glory belongs to God. THANKYOU gd sa pag pamati.”



—–This was delivered at our Church’s Thanksgiving Celebration 2014. I’m so blessed on how she grew on the Lord and keeping her track on Him even if there’s an unnumbered obstacle  comes on her way. I so love you sister. Padayon sa Ginoo. Palangga ka gd namon. haha

I Ask… dw inarte na haw?

              Seriously, there is this thing nga I think I needed help in dealing with. hehe.. Read on!

              I am lazy beyond galaxies and sa estado sang amon pangabuhi nga permi lang my bisita, biskan na tamad ako, kinahanglan ko mag ubra… ky tungod indi ko gusto nga makapuyan si Nanay ka hikutar sang madamo nga ubra para sa damo man nga bisita. Kun makapoy man si Nanay ka himus sang para sa amon, okay lang kay I know gugma nya na para sa pamilya niya… Pero kun may bisita, we have to work as a family gid.

              Different story naman na ya kun every weekend mag abot na ang weekend workers. Weekend workers (WW) are people from the seminary who were requested by the church to help during weekends in exchange to their grades and training. They lead the YPs in the different ministries of the church – AFC, Children Ministries, Sunday Schools and other stuffs.

              We at the church were very pleased kun mag abot na na sila. Imagine nga maupod mo na sila for a semester or a year. And ano bala ka sadya nga makaupod ang aton mga utod sa Ginoo. Being with them is such joy and at the same time full of responsibilities.

               As a Pastor’s kid, a veteran of the parsonage, we were tasked to make them welcomed not just to the church but to our home – the behind the scene. Kinahanglan mo sila i-entertain nga indi sila dapat maka feel sang homesick and give them relief after a tiresome day in the mission field.

               Gusto ko ang tanan nga bonding namon sang mga weekenders (tawag ko sa ila hihi) and us at the requesting church. Pero may ara nga bagay nga gina ka sunggodan ko sa ila ilabi nagd kun uhmm… tamad sila pareho sa akon sa sulod balay. hehe. We have to bear the fact nga sa ulihi sa panahon na nga pagatawgon na gid sila sa fulltime service, they will not only be in church but also sa parsonage man. Amo na gani nga ginatraining sila every weekend sa different churches for them to experience it both. And this is a real deal and truth nga not all churches are megachurches and not all churches have pastors with kids nga pwede nila mahimo yaya.

                If you came from a financially and materially blessed family, and you felt you were called for full time service to our Lord, maubra ka guid na ya sa parsonage even if kapoy kana sa field. Not all the time sa churches sa ulihi nga may mga Christians nga maga prepare sang imo dalada-on kag inugpaligo. Kun my ara gid man, ti blessing na eh.

                Sometimes gina gamit sang yawa ang katamad mo sa pag guba sang modo kag espirito sang upod mo sa ministry. Not all the time makapasakay sila sa katamad mo nga biskan way ka nakapoyan sa ulubrahon sa church, la ka gd imo gabulig biskan sukad lang sang kan-on.

                  You have to excel both in your church performance and behind the scene kay indi lang sa simbahan ikaw maka himaya sa aton Ginoo. Huo, ga excel ka gd man sa choir conducting, sa tudlo bata, pero pag tig palanyaga after service, best in pungko ka lang ya, gaubra lang kun my bisita, kun may gwapo or kun ara ang membro nga maka benepisyo ka. Wow, what a performance, “si Mam kag si Ptr sa pagka pisan.. ari labgip!” Ti perti eh! pero kun wala sila gani, “Abw si Mam kag si Ptr nakapoy gd… sige lang ah…” Ay nako… tsk tsk tsk.

                   INDI SA TANAN NGA TI-ON MAY ARA PK OR YP OR KRISTYANO NGA MAGA SALO SANG TANAN MO NGA KATAMARON KAG MAKAINTYENDE SA IMO. Basi sa ulihi pagatawgon ka sa isa ka simbahan nga dw hap an mo na ang tanan nga ubra, pag ka tapos simba ikaw pa maluto sang pagkaon mo, bw makamang ka gd pakadto sa karenderya.

                   Now tell me, how should I deal withese people? Kun pahambalon mo, they seemed to be really committed to the Lord and yet ikaw nga makakita makahambal ka kis a nga dw pa mood mood lang ang tanan.. Kun gusto ko, ‘okay go!’ pero kun indi gani, ‘Natak an ko ah.. kapoy ko ah..’ Balibad!! Rason!

                    But, there will also be a time nga damo ubra sa simbahan… maka intyende man na ang tawo sa imo kun kapoy kana, Hinugay INARTE kag kumod lang bala ah! Wala ko gina hugasan ang kakulangan ko sa buluhaton sa Ginoo sa simbahan, me too is guilty with this. Pero I know in my self nga ang katamaron, pwede sya ma untat ah.. pwede sya ma prevent.. its just a matter of mind and heart conditioning and commitment sa aton Ginoo.. Remember,

“Other people see your deeds. God sees your motives.”

                     Help me pray for each and our motives and judgment to be set straight, the biblical and Godly way. This issue is sometimes one of the reason why workers in the church separated their quarters, creating a gap from each other.. being unified in front of the members but behind that they cursed each other for not doing each of their parts.

II Thess. 3:6-15  CEV : Warnings against Laziness

6My dear friends, in the name of the Lord Jesus, I beg you not to have anything to do with any of your people who loaf around and refuse to obey the instructions we gave you. 7You surely know that you should follow our example. We didn’t waste our time loafing, 8and we didn’t accept food from anyone without paying for it. We didn’t want to be a burden to any of you, so night and day we worked as hard as we could.

9We had the right not to work, but we wanted to set an example for you. 10We also gave you the rule that if you don’t work, you don’t eat. 11Now we learn that some of you just loaf around and won’t do any work, except the work of a busybody. 12So, for the sake of our Lord Jesus Christ, we ask and beg these people to settle down and start working for a living. 13Dear friends, you must never become tired of doing right.

14Be on your guard against any followers who refuse to obey what we have written in this letter. Put them to shame by not having anything to do with them. 15Don’t consider them your enemies, but speak kindly to them as you would to any other follower.

Let our eyes be opened. God bless!












Cause am twenitoo.


About the weird me. Keep on!

1. I love Korean Movies and Series and Indian Movies. My favorites are Gentleman’s Dignity, Pure Love, Innocent Man, Dream High, Miracle in Cell #7, 3 Idiots, My name is Khan, Krishna and Every Child is Special. I wanted to watch Man from the Stars!!

2. I am insecure, selfish, immature, heartless and stupid… and uhm, coward?WHATEVER.

3. I missed my high school classmates and friends!

4. My quick tabs when opening Mozilla Firefox are,,,, and Now that’s a weird combi.

5. I am poor in spirit. I usually believe immediately all that they tell me, without knowing the real scope of the story..

6. I hate cats! and dreamed of having a Chihuahua and I’ll call it ‘Suicide’.

7. I am a sanguine. Please understand when I go KSP, I can’t notice being one already. Also please understand when I’m motivated with DEADLINES and please understand that when I plan I can’t finish it. Cause I’m a planner, not a doer.

8. Oh my! I just couldn’t get HIM out of my… uhm, heart? lol He’s always in my mind, tho it’s already a couple year ago! Tsk tsk tsk, bad memory huh?

9. Organizing events gives me fulfillment that no other things can. I just love working behind the scene. I love to see how the celebrator enjoys her day without worrying about how the program will go and that the visitors enjoys as well.

10. I don’t have any ring, necklace or stuffs alike. I only have a single earring on my right ear (of course).

11. I think I have an Avoidant Personality Syndrome. Now, don’t be pissed whenever I got upset when you tell me about my bad habits. I hate criticisms to the bone!

12. I can’t forget my 18th birthday (15th July 2010), Typhoon Frank (28th June 2008) and Super Typhoon Yolanda (9th November 2013).

13. I love to hate my Sissum!

14. I always love to look crazy in a picture. Maybe because its the only thing that I master and confident with.


16. Rebel with a Cause by Franklin Graham is my favorite book.. Spaghetti is my favorite food.. I am fascinated with roses. I appreciate personalized gifts. I hate window shopping when I’m not in the mood to. I enjoy thrift shops. I like Korean fashion and all about , uhm, not sure on the food. Urgh! Blame the Korean movies.

17. I have no fixed decision. And I’m afraid to decide for my own self. I always rely at my parents’. When I took the courage to disobey my parents, I always fall the hard way.

18. In college I had a total of 5 inc.’s, 2 5.0s, no dropped and loads of 3.0s. Don’t ask me why.

19. I’m deeply hurt when people I care and love die. Because the memories that they leave behind stings.

20. I read a lot of Sidney Sheldon’s books. Yet I can’t remember the story of each, just the title. I felt the same excitement when I re-read it and as if I hadn’t read it at all.

21. I can’t finish a day without drinking coffee, have my ears cleaned and open Notepad and type some random things in my mind… after a while, I’ll close it and forget about it… thus I had a flock of unfinished knick knacks in my folders.



She’s my Nanay

<Late Post>

Nanay dearest, salamat gd sa tanan tanan. Hahaha. bskan kis a ga inggit2 ko ky tungod gn tawag ka ‘nanay’ nila Aldin, Jezreel, Sheila, at the end of the day, AKO gd gyapon ang la mo gd ko gna limtan kag kamustahon, bskan ulihi lang, salamat gd. hahahahaha Ahay.. Pasensya gd sa permi ko nga pabati2 nga ma abroad ko ha.. d ko man gd gusto nga magpalayo ah.. kay sa subra ko b nga salig sa inyo, dw d ko na kaya mag stand on my own. hehehe. You know, the best ka gd ya daan mag alaga. Dumduman ko pa sadto ang imo mga pinirito nga isda (nga my sawsawan kag rice pa) or adobo nga baboy nga gna export mo pakadto sa city halin sa imo beloved kitchen… ky bsi nd na ako ka kaon maayo kay ga skwela by. hahaha. Kakililig man batyagon kag dw ipadayaw sa iban nga ang gn panyaga ko, “Bangros n nanay nga my 3 serves sang kan on! Halin gd sa banate, gn padala sa salakyan n tita.. d pwede ma late ky gna hulat n Nicenice, my clase 1pm..” Wohooo!! Daug ko pa ang my nobyo sa alaga mo nay!! Hahaha. Feeling ko, isa to ang bangros sa rason kun ngaa nag baskug ako kag nka gradweyt. hahaha.. <———-

I know, ga lain man imo buot sa mga times nga wala ko ga reply sa text mo, hahaha, don’t worry, I will always b okay, ky tungod ara kmo ga pray sa akon. You are one unique Nanay Bagets nga deserve gd iwaragwag sa kalibutan!!

Updi ko permi lantaw movie, nga tunga2 kna maabot kag dungan hibi sa akon, as if gets mo na ang sturya.. tungod ky la si Nicenice upod ma hibi, kay man kj kanday Glaiza kag Siripay..

Bskan mainit ang panahon, intyendihon ko gd permi nga gka lipatan mo lang butang sang asin sa aton sud-an.. Hahaha.. Kaonon ko man na gyapon ky tungod ikaw nag luto, indi tanan nga bata mkakaon sang luto sang ila nanay. And i’m blessed for that.

Bskan gna away na ko n Gay, Indi ko gd paglipatan ang imo hambal nga “Ate, intyendiha lang bla si Gay.. Cge lang ah..” Dungan tulok san akon sang puno sang pagpakitluoy.. hahaha.. Well, mahumok man dayon ya corason ko.. ky man ikaw gd mismo nag sugo. hahaha

Kag abi mo Nay, gna patihan ko gd ang hambal mo nga “Gwapa ako” hahaha.. nahadlok ko sadto magpang ispiho ky ngaa lain tna tsura ko sa iban, dw oblong ang guya ko, damo pa punggod, lapad pa ang sungad, kag ga tingkarag pa ang buhok ko, pay gn hapuhap mo ko kag gn hambalan “Ate, gwapa kaya.. kun upod ta. hahaha.. Natural Curly na abi ya ang buhok mo. nami na pay, husaya lang bala..” Wew. Nami ka gd ya mag pa mag an sang akon tagipusoon bskan na ugot na ko ks a. hahaha

Nanay.. Salamat gd sa tanan nga sakripisyo, pagpalangga, pag ampo, pag apin, pagkupo, paghalok, pag agbay, pag laygay, kag pag hambal nga gwapa ako. hahaha. Ari lang d permi si Nicenice ah. Hutiki lang ako kun ano gd man.. we will cry and laugh at it at the same time. hahaha

Imo na karon ang pina ka nami nga giveaways. hehehe.

Happy Mother’s Day Nanay!! I LABYU!!